Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld river cruise on blue water with Hungry Parliament building in the background at night Two staircases with a blue chandelier hanging from the ceilin A bed with two blue chairs, table, and a window looking out to the water and a castle in the distance

Uniworld is the world’s only authentic boutique cruise line and offers itineraries to destinations across the globe including Europe, Russia and Asia. With a fleet featuring luxurious ships, each vessel is a work of art designed to be as inspiring as the destinations they visit. Uniworld brings together the finest chefs, fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets and other regional suppliers, and distinctive wines and beers chosen by acclaimed sommeliers, giving you a mouthwatering culinary journey for all of the senses. Their innovative onshore programs go well beyond landmarks and group tours. With personalized experiences tailored to match both your interests and lifestyle, you can choose from a generous menu of excursions and activities designed to immerse you in the local culture.