Traditional tutor homes lining a river with flowers and lush landscaping in Germany The Brandenburg Gate in Germany A baking sheet with freshly baked soft pretzels

From the powdery snow of the Alps, to the historical significance of Berlin, the dark beauty of the Black Forest, and the auto-making heritage of Bavaria, discover it all in Germany. Castles abound in this culturally rich nation, the most famous being Neuschwanstein which served as inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World. In the fall, raise a stein as you toast to Oktoberfest in Munich, home of the world’s biggest fair and almost 6 million festival-goers annually. You can’t fully experience Germany without seeing the roots of its complicated history in the 20th Century. Learn how the political and social unrest in the country lead up to WWII and see how it has affected citizens of the country today.

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