Top 5 Places to Visit for 2019

The following post is written by Amanda from the Boscov’s Travel Marketing Department. 

It’s already March…. where has this year gone? We are about to be a quarter through the year and I do not know about you but I have no trips planned for the year…. DEPRESSING. If you are like me, we need to get one planned. Let me help you pick a destination for your next vacation. Here are the 5 places to consider visiting in 2019. These are a mix of different trips; some long ones, some short, some inexpensive, and some where you’ll literally need an AMEX black card so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Pick 1
Canada/National Parks

This pick is for the history junkies and Instagram lovers all in one. Canada and their National Parks are absolutely gorgeous! I have always thought of Canada to be such a scenic country and if you look at any pictures of Canada’s wilderness and parks you will see what I mean. I spoke with a few of our Travel Specialists who have been there and let me tell you – they agree.

For starters, when you have a minute google Canadian National Parks and let me know what you think (you’ll probably want to make it your screensaver). Another feature that makes the country so scenic is its unending natural beauty. In nearly every town you visit, there will be mountain right in the center of it making a gorgeous picture for your Instagram story.

If this trip sounds like a plan to you, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have a scheduled tour this year visiting the country’s National Parks and different Canadian towns making it the perfect trip to cross off the bucket list. Learn more.

Pick 2

Next up is Alaska. Alaska is another place for scenic views so do not forget the camera! Denali National Park, home to Mt. Denali (formally Mt. McKinley) and the highest mountain peak in North America, should be a mandatory stop on your excursions.  While you’re in Alaska, you’ll want to take a whale watching tour as the water, glaciers and mountains make for a scenic backdrop.

Alaska peak season is actually Mid-June to Mid-August, so if you want to snag a good deal, try to schedule your trip after August when its the “shoulder season”. Don’t worry guys, the weather is about 40 to 50 degrees in September making it an ideal time to visit. One of the best ways to see Alaska is by cruise ship. It allows you to have an upfront idea of costs, saves you time with sailing at night so you don’t have to spend your days traveling, and you can see as much as you’d like with optional excursions! Some cruise lines even have special perks like open bar, or friends and family sail free. Learn more.

Pick 3

This is probably the one I will most likely choose. Hawaii has been a bucket list trip since I can remember. Hawaii is known for being an expensive destination due to airfare, but you can often find good deals on air. Southwest Airlines recently announced plans to add Hawaii as a new destination, subsequently forcing competitors to lower prices on Hawaiian air. So if you plan out in advance and talk to a Travel Specialist, you maybe able to get a decent rate on airfare. Again, once you make it to the land of Hawaii, take tons and tons of pictures as looking out to crystal blue water is a picture perfect moment. Whether you stay at a resort and take day-trips, or you choose to cruise the islands, the 50th state is a must-see for Americans.

Pick 4

Cruise to the Caribbean

Well if this isn’t a steal of a deal… a cruise kills two birds with one stone. You are able to relax or do as much as you’d like while cruising on your floating resort. Then you get to experience the best of a destination!

Within the past few years, we’ve seen cruise lines offer richer and richer deals year after year. At Boscov’s Travel, we typically have an exclusive with a select cruise line even if the cruise line itself doesn’t have a national deal.

A Travel Specialist will work within your budget and match you with the cruise line that meets your wants.  You get two trips into one and I think that is a steal for anyone.

Pick 5

Of course we have to pick an international destination that’s truly a bucket list destination. I feel that if you took a survey, everyone would want to go to Italy at some point in their lives. Though this trip can be more expensive than some of the trips listed above, at Boscov’s Travel, we are here to save the day and navigate the choices and prices associated with traveling over seas. With partners like Globus, Mongorams, and Cosmos we will be sure to get you to Italy in no time while not breaking the bank!

If you’re ready to start planning your next vacation, email or call 800-755-8020. Visit Boscov’s Travel located within select Boscov’s including Pennsylvania (Camp Hill, Colonial Park/Harrisburg, Easton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Neshaminy/Bensalem, Wyomissing, Reading, Pottstown, Pottsville, Scranton, Selinsgrove, Wilkes-Barre), New York (Binghamton), New Jersey (Atlantic City and Moorestown), Delaware (Wilmington), and Maryland (Salisbury). View our locations here. If you live a little further away, book over the phone by calling us at 800-755-8020. Learn more at

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